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Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution Day' for the 3rd year held @ Harpo's cafes & Restaurants
Following Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day of action Harpo's cafes & restaurants conducted the free kid's cookery workshop for the 3 rd consecutive year at each of its restaurants on May 20 with the main focus on educating kids on healthy food and also getting them excited that cooking is fun.

Kids age 6-15 years participated and had fun making the recipes that each restaurant conducted with the chef in attendance to assist.

Simple healthy food recipes were used - from vegetarian pizzas, to wraps, light salads, fresh juice and more to get kids food smart and follow English celebrity Jamie Oliver chef global day of awareness.

"Educating children on healthy food options and also appreciating and enjoying cooking from a young age is important in society, especially now. Participating on the day of action on Friday 20 May, coinciding with the celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver's 'Food revolution Day', is ideal for us to identify with a global workshop" Harpo Gooneratne. MD. Harpo's cafes & Restaurants. See kids in action!!!
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